Next Generation

Aerial Disinfection Technology
Innovative Products & Solutions for Environmental Microbial Decontamination

Fast Execution

Rapid disinfection and rooms can be re-entered in a short timeframe!

Simple Execution

Furniture and equipment do not have to be removed!

Wide Application

Eliminate mold & germs in: Industrial & Residential areas.

What We Have to Offer

Our dry fog vapor fumigation technology is extremely useful in sterile areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, research labs, food processing industries.

Our next generation aerial disinfection technology combined with eco friendly fumigants/disinfectants provides proven, safe and validated alternative to toxic formaldehyde or chlorine-based fumigation process.

Why use Us?

Sterility and industrial hygiene is of the highest importance and SteriPro offers innovative hygiene products.

Why Our Products

SteriPro prides itself on the performance, technical parameters, safety and aesthetics of our products

Our Products Are

Meticulously designed and precision engineered with extreme care for healthcare & pharmaceutical industries.

Use Our Products Here

Operation Theaters, Food Processing, Infection Prevention, Residential, Industrial application available.

Powerful Aerial Disinfection System

  • Aerial Fumigation

    An ideal tool for Aerial Fumigation & Environment Disinfection

  • Effective Infection Control

    Uniform spread & sufficient contact time with micro-organisms achieves assured disinfection.

  • Faster & Safer Procedure

    UL & CE approved powerful turbo motors delivers 60% more power & spread than any other system

  • Very Economical

    Ultra low consumption of disinfectant ensures economy.

Our Products

Quick & uniform coverage in large spaces with low consumption of disinfectant ensures economy.

SteriPro PowerJET


Dry vapour fumigation machine

SteriPro AeroJET


Total aerial treatment. Unique fogger machine turntable spreads aerosol fog in all directions uniformly

SteriPro RotoFOG